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American Amusement Park Museum
Amusement Park History, Collection, and News

"A one of a kind Collection"

Located in the countryside of Cumberland county is the American Amusement Park Museum. This has become of the most unique collections of ride vehicles in the country. It all started in 2006 when our local park Williams Grove shut down we began collecting many of the parks of old rides vehicles  that us and so many others grew up with. We became enthralled with the history that came with theses items and their connections to other parks. We continue traveling to amusement parks across the country and working with them to save pieces that would otherwise become forgotten with time. This is a project we have been dedicated to for 14 years now we don't do it for fame or money we do it because we truly care about the history theses parks offer. We will continue to save theses items and restore them so future generations can appreciate the past.

Current Pojects 

We are currently in the process of renovating a recently purchased building for our collection. This new location is three times the size of our current building. Many of the rides have been moved inside and we are excited to share this new experience this summer.