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   We are continuing to save new pieces and bring them to the collection by working with many parks. An ongoing goal is to keep each piece in a restored state. We have recently expand to house more ride cars, figures, and merchandise. If every thing goes according to schedule we will be opened by spring 2019 with a bigger better American Amusement Park Museum. Keep an eye on our social media pages for more infomation and how you can help!
   In 2006, American Amusement Park Museum began. Now, of course, nothing really happens over night but this is when we received our first ride car. It was an Old 99 built by Chance Rides from Williams Grove donated to us by famed rides importer Morgan Hughes. Even at that point he saw our love for amusement parks.  We never thought the collection would grow like it did. In our one of a kind collection we now have over 100 ride cars and many other park pieces like figures, games, and signage. Most of the rides and figures are restored when needed. Our collection includes ride vehicles and iconic decorations from Williams Grove, Palisades Park, Hersheypark, Dutch Wonderland, Dorney Park, Cedar Point, Ocean Playland, Bushkill Park, Kennywood, Keansburg park, Six Flags Great Adventure, 1964 Worlds Fair, Kings Dominion, Lenape Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Lakemont Park, and many more.

Some of the manufacturers include: Intamin, Smith&Smith, PTC, Hurbetz, Eyerly, Harry Travers, Arrow, Jherb & Ihles, Mack, Von Roll, Allen Herschell, W.F.Mangels, Pinto Bros, Chance, Universal Degsin, Bill Tracy, Venture , Pretzel, Pinfari, Reverchon, Zamperla, Soli, Big Eli, Ride Works, O.D. Hopkins, Vekoma, Schiff and Hampton. 

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